10/12 corridor leads growth in La.4/30/09

Suma Crossing TND is moving forward-4/08/09

North Oaks breaks ground in Satsuma-4/01/09

New theater will bring Branson-style shows to corridor3/04/09



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For more information on the performers that will be performing at the Suma Hill Crossing Conference Center visit Paco Swain Promotions

Tony Roi- Elvis Experience
May 22, 2009 and August 14-15 2009



Penny Gilley "Sweetheart of Country Music"
June 19-20, 2009


Doug Gabriel- 7 Time Winner "Male Vocalist of the Year"
July 17-18, 2009



Clay Cooper- "The Road to Country Music"
October 30-31 2009



December 11-12 2009



First it was Nashville     Then it was Branson
Now it is
Satsuma Louisiana




The Next Big Boom In Real Estate

The Interstate 12 area between Baton Rouge and Slidell Louisiana is coming alive with big commercial developments and family friendly entertainment centers.

This area was visited by many developers in the past. Back in the late 60's and early 70's it was rumored that Disney had looked at this area. Both Livingston Parish and St Tammany Parish were supposedly look at but was passed by because the word got out and land speculators were buying options on possible properties. Well we know what happened next. Just look at the Orlando Florida area.

Are we being eyed again? Maybe we will be the next Nashville or Branson. Six Flags in New Orleans East is not going to reopen. Could Livingston Parish be getting a Six Flags type of entertainment? This area is due for something really big. The people are pleasant and the education system is the best in the state. I would say that our public schools are probably some of the best schools in the nation. I challenge anybody to compare our schools to others in the nation. We have some of the lowest drop out rates and highest passing scores around. This is a great place to raise a family and therefore makes it a great place to locate a business.

Livingston Parish people voted against horse racing and video poker some years ago. The people are smart enough to know what this does to people. They did vote to approve property taxes for our parks, Council on Aging and public library's. The people of Livingston Parish believe in taking care of their children and their older retirees.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff's Department is an asset to the community. They are tough on crime and do a great job. All the different police forces in the Parish seem to work really good together. A lot of the Parish police are volunteers. I have known several of them. They are just normal had working people like most in the Parish.

There are so many reasons for businesses to want to move to this area. I have mostly spoken about Livingston Parish because I have lived there for 20 years and know the people and area real well. The other Parishes on what is called the Northshore are very simular.

to be continued.................