7.5 miles off Hwy 1037 at 27560 Patterson Road, Springfield
On the road going to the Tickfaw State Park about 1/2 mile before the park.


Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Patterson

Pure Pork Smoked Sausages
Fresh Cajun - Fresh Italian
Andouille - Boudin - Head Cheese
We can make your deer sausage

Call 225-294-3226

This is some of the best tasting sausages that I have ever tasted. I purchased $35 worth of 5 different types of sausages the last time I was here. The hogs head cheese, you have got to try it! I am the web master of this site, Bill, and doing this web page for this place for free because I really like the sausages here. I really like to buy products that are home made and from Livingston Parish. Lets support this business!

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