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Links are set up for Louisiana whenever possible.
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These are the Government programs that I am aware of. I don't think I missed any of them. Now for the Bank Foreclosures or commonly known as Real Estate Owned (REO)
The list is too long to put it here so I have another page with very many banks listed. Some of the links go directly to their inventory of REO homes. Some do not. Some you have to look on the page and find the link to the REO's. All it takes is finding that one diamond in the rough to make it all worth while.
I have another page on my web site where I have put together a very large list of government and bank foreclosures. This  Foreclosure List  contains all the property foreclosures that a paid list would have. The only disadvantage is you have to go to each government and bank web site to get the information and that can be very time consuming. If you have the time and patience to do this then Good Luck!  What I suggest is that you try what I just described. Now go to this web site and check out their free offer. The Realty Store goes thru all the government and bank sites and compiles all the information on a list by city and state. This is done on a daily basis so the information is up to date and complete. It is a really neat site with great graphics. Get their free 7 day offer. It does not cost you anything unless you do not cancel your subscripting on the 7th day. Truthfully it is worth paying for one month and then canceling. You should have found at least 1 house to buy. If your and investor and plan to buy more houses then I would just get a subscription. Most investors do not have time to go thru list after list after list. Their time is more important then that. So go to the Realty Store and at least check them out for 7 days. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let me know how you did with the list by sending me an email at  . I hope that I have helped.
Bill Elsenrath
the web master and active real estate investor
Government Agency Foreclosure Listings
  HUD Homes For Sale in Louisiana - Web Masters Favorite one to use!
  View Government Foreclosure Listings in Louisiana
  Listed by Parish and City.
  HomeSteps, A Freddie Mac Unit - Feature Search - My 2nd Favorite
  View Foreclosed Homes List by State and City
  Many Louisiana Properties Listed
  Fannie Mae REO Search - I have used this site many times
  HomePath by Fannie Mae is a great site with government
  repossessions and lenders to finance purchase
  PASREO - Free Foreclosed Properties Search - Great Bank List
  Manages REO's for banks and mortgage companies
  On 6/22/09 there were 44 Louisiana properties listed
  Free Foreclosure Listings for 21 Days
  Get All Your Foreclosure Listings in one Place
  Try It For Free For 7 Days from 3 Companies
Bank Owned Homes
 American Home Mortgage Inc.©
 On 6/22/09 there were 31 Louisiana homes listed
 You only need to put in state to get all listings
Bank Of America©
 On 6/22/09 just 3 properties listed
 You only need to put in state to get all listings
  BayView REO©
On 6/22/09 there were 5 properties listed
 Commercial properties included in search
 On 6/22/09 No Properties were listed
  On 6/22/09 there were 30 properties listed
  You only need to put in state to get listings
  Coldwell Banker©
  On 6/22/09 there were 44 properties listed
  Takes a while to load but is well worth the wait
   Compass Bank©
   Country Wide Mortgage© (Now under Bank of America 06/16/2009)
   Fifth Third Bank©
   GRP Financial Services Corp©
    Home Loan & Investment Bank©
    Intergrated Asset Services©
    M&T Bank©
    Ocwen Financial Corporation©
    Regions Financial Corporation©
    Suncoast Schools Credit Union©
    Suntrust Bank©
    Taylor Bean©
    Washington Mutual©
    Wells Fargo©
    On 6/29/2009 there were 35 properties listed in Louisiana
    Wilshire Credit Union©
Visit Weekend Real Estate Investor The story of how I got started in real estate.
I have been able to set some links to open in Louisiana as with the 1st one, HUD Homes. You have to select Livingston Parish. HUD is my favorite one and I have purchased 5 HUD homes in the past. First one in 1974 in Kenner La and my last one in Denham Springs in 2003.
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   Above you have a list of Banks that have foreclosure properties in their possession. Banks do not want to be in the real estate business. They want to get rid of these houses as fast as they can. Everyday the bank holds the property they lose money.  They have to pay for insurance, maintenance and repairs, keeping the grass cut, property taxes, advertising and the list goes on. They want you to buy their inventory of houses! Some banks are very eager to get rid of houses and they will sell these houses at a big discount. If you have good credit and CASH you will just about be able to name your price. If you are like most of us, you do not have that big wad of cash to plop down on a piece of real estate. You may just be able to get by if you have a good credit score. Banks look at your credit score and judge just how well you will be able to pay back the loan.  Higher FICO Scores = Lower Monthly Payments The magic number of 760 is where you most likely need to be at or above.  I just bought a house for $212,000 with 5% down. (February 30th 2009) The interest rate on the loan was 4.35% with 1 point. A fantastic deal for me! Part of the reason I got such a good deal is because my credit score was 767. The other reason was just pure luck. The day before the same guy quoted me 5.125%. Believe it or not but I was on the phone with the loan officer when the rates came out in the morning around 10 AM Central time. I locked the loan in before he had a chance to finish talking. He told me this was the best rate that he has ever seen. Do you think the bank would have given me the money if my credit score was 725? Maybe so, but I would have needed at least 10% down. The interest rate would have been about 1% higher also. So I would have needed over $20,000 for a down payment.
I ran the numbers and here's how it went:

$212,000                    $212,000

   5%                                  x10%

$10,600                         $21,200   Down Payment


Finance $201,400 @ 4.35% for 30 years = $1002.59

 Finance $190,800 @ 5.35% for 30 years + $1065.45

This goes to show you that my Higher credit score gave me 2 advantages. A lower interest rate of 4.35% vs. 5.35% and I only had to put down 5% vs. 10%. Look closely and see that I also had a lower monthly note, $63 lower. Higher FICO Scores = Lower Monthly Payments This is my true story. Everything I have written about above happened just as it is written. So you are getting information that has happened first hand to me the web master. I have made this web site because I really like talking about real estate and buying and selling property. Real estate is the only thing that I have seen make people rich. I have seen people go from rags to riches. I have still got a little way to go myself. When the market turns around I will be a little better off along with a lot of other people. You might say that I am "land poor." I wish I had some money to put down on another piece of property but this past house has taken everything I have. The house is now renovated, all paid in cash now that the credit cards are paid off. You have the opportunity of a lifetime to buy property at a bargain basement price. The last time it was this good was back in the late 1980's and early 90's.  I not saying that things could still get worst but it comes a point that you have got to get off the fence and make a decision to buy something. The 1st house I bought was a HUD Repo in 1975. I paid $15,651 for it.  It was a great deal located in Kenner on Loyola Drive.  I have started another web site where I talk about how I got started in real estate. You can go to Weekend Real Estate Investor  and read my story.  I have not finished working on that web site so check back every couple of weeks as more will be added. For those of you that have read this I want to say Thank You.  I would like to hear from you. So if you can send me an email to and give me some of your thoughts.


I'm sorry but I cannot keep up with the numbers of repos that are coming on the market. The numbers change everyday.

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