Diet Pills For Weight Loss

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Diet Pills a boon or a curse?

Once we hit rock bottom and realize that we are borderline obese, our reflex is to find the easiest way to lose weight. While we still may be exercising, we do resort to easier options like starving ourselves or using diet pills.

Most of these diet pills are a money-making fad and harm the body in the most dangerous of ways. These include some appetite suppressants such as caffeine pills, phenylpropanolamine and ephedrine hydrochloride (which is not an appetite suppressant but often mistook as one), Redux and Phen/Fen. These may either be available only through prescription or are OTC. Majority of these may be addicting, and some may have traces of laxatives. Phenolphthalein is classified as a probable carcinogen, and sibutramine (sold as Meridia) was recalled from the market in 2010 as it was known to raise the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Problems From Taking Diet Pills

Diet pills, in any quantity can cause any of the following conditions: restlessness, high blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue, hyperactivity, heart arrhythmias, congestive heart failure or heart attack, palpitations, stroke, migraines, xerostomia, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, tightness of the chest, heavy perspiration, disruption in menstrual cycle, dizziness, change in sex drive, blurred vision, hair loss, fever and urinary tract problems. Overdoses can cause tremors, shallow breathing, hallucinations, heart attack, renal failure and convulsions.

Prescription Diet Pills

Prescription diet pills such as Phen/Fen (phentermine/fenfluramine) should never be taken without a prescription from a doctor. Their effectiveness is doubtful, and its pros and cons should be measured before their intake. Only extreme obesity should be the criteria for its usage. In addition to the health risks above, taking Phen/Fen increases Primary Pulmonary Hypertension- a disease that attacks the lungs, has a poor prognosis, and may be fatal.

So Called Natural Weight Loss Pills

Caffeine pills and/or Ephedrine Hydrochloride should never be taken for weight loss, and their use should be in intervals. Ephedrine is used occasionally as a treatment for asthma, but usually for hay fever and allergies since it acts as a bronchial dilator. Both give the side effects of diet pills, with an addition of a higher risk of addiction (not only physical but psychological too), migraines, heart attack, high blood pressure, arrhythmias, heart palpitations. When it comes to ephedrine, it may promote anxiety, psychosis and depression.

While these may be really tempting to try, they are not worth the pain and agony you may have to suffer as a result of their use.

For vegetarians and non-vegetarians, the key to a healthy lifestyle is only this: Maintain a balanced diet and keep equilibrium between the calories eaten with calories burned.